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As a new dealer, it is important to understand the rules and regulations pertaining to dealer licensing. The State of Florida has enacted such a set of rules pertaining to Motor Vehicle Dealers which are generally found in chapters 319 and 320 of the State of Florida Statutes. It is equally important to get to know the people responsible for executing and enforcing those rules and regulations. These games will help to reinforce the basic rules and help to prepare you for your state licensing exam.

The games of ELP Compliance

All of our games were developed and built for the use of Microsoft Office PowerPoint on a PC running standard versions of Windows operating systems. Therefore, we cannot guarantee their functionality with Macs or other operating systems.

After downloading the game, the player should immediately press the "F5" key on their keyboard after loading the game (If using a Mac, choose the "fn" function key and the F5 key). This will start Microsoft Office PowerPoint in slideshow mode. If the student does not have Microsoft Office or PowerPoint installed on their computer, we strongly recommend the student to download the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer program.

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